Monday, January 28, 2013

Gina G cosplay and filmmaker Roman Soni

 In this episode of Spandex and Monster we go international with cosplay artist Gina G from Canada, and French filmmaker Roman Soni.

Gina G and Red Ribbon Cosplay
Gina G meets TOS Star Trek
In this episode of spandex and monster, we pay a return visit to cosplay artist Gina G. and her company Red Ribbon Cosplay.

Gina as Powergirl

Gina as 'Black Widow' along with Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo at Toronto's Avenger screening
Gina as Snowbird from Alphaflight
Gina G as Sari from Zelda

Professor Umbridge from the Harry Potter universe, photo by Robbins Studios at Dragon Con
For more information check out Red Ribbon Cosplay facebook page.

Red Ribbon Cosplay

thank you Gina G.!

Filmmaker Roman Soni

Roman Soni at a screening of his films

A young energetic French filmmaker, Roman Soni is the creative man behind La Horde de Cineastes films.  His film 'Fritz' was inspired by 70's horror, thriller, and rape and revenge films.  He is currently working on several films at the moment, and fans of grindhouse fare should check out his work.

promo pic of 'Fritz'

Roman directing French actress Roxy Morgane in 'Fritz'

You can check out his film here.

Roman is currently at work on a scream fan film, for more information check out his website or his facebook page.

La Horde de Cineastes films

Roman going over the scene with an actor for his films.

muchas gracias Roman!

stay turned for more mischief ahead with 'Spandex and Monster'

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