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Farewell Bob Hoskins

Farewell Bob Hoskins

British actor Bob Hoskins passed away April 29 at the age of 71.  He had a long career as a character actor, and could easily move from supporting actor to the main actor in films.  He is best known for the hard boiled detective character Eddie from the film 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' which was a love letter to the golden age of animation.  A mind blending merging of old school animation and camera trickery, it needed Bob's gruff but lovable private eye to make it work for cinema audiences.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit main female lead was Jessica Rabbit, the cartoon girl homage to the film noir goddesses of the age and is now a popular cosplay staple at all conventions.  Here is the lovely and talented Kat Ruff as Jessica Rabbit at this year's Concave science fiction convention.

Bob Hoskins had a long career in films, and he had many memorable roles in genre films.

Hoskins as Smee, mate to Captain Hook in the popular film Hook

Even his admitted dislike for the film Supermario brothers couldn't stop it from being a cult film.  His acting career runs all genres and a must see for all fans of spandex and monster.

Bob Hoskins in Super Mario Brothers
In a memorable role in the nightmarish 1984ish Terry Gilliam comedy 'Brazil'

As the thuggish studio chief in Hollywoodland...
...who could have murdered Superman George Reeves (Ben Affleck)..the movie leaves all theories out there

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rotted Corpse Productions Interview with Director Jerry Williams

Rotted Corpse Productions Interview with Director Jerry Williams

Check out my interview with Rotted Corpse Productions.  I also did a shout out to Spandex and Monster!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dextra's art for sale, and Astro Space Hero

Dextra's Art for Sale

Fans of Spandex and Monster will remember Dextra...she is branching out for art prints for sale...awesome work...definitely check it out!

Check out her original interview with Spandex and!

Check out her art prints for!

 Astro Space Hero season 4

My fun little science fiction show is nearly done with the fourth season.  It's been a blast working on the show, and I think fans of spandex and monster may like the show.  I have scripts and more for the next season of Astro Space Hero...I may do more location shoots in the fun place of Versailles, KY.  Check out the fun at Blip tv or youtube.

Astro Space Hero (youtube)

Astro Space Hero (

The beautiful and talented Tucky Williams as 'The Moon Enchantress'

Dale Steble as the governor Dale

Monster in space

One of the space hero Admirals

The beautiful but evil Narcissa!

Evil madmen of chaos in space...the dreaded Lord Mayhem

Friday, April 18, 2014

free Jerry Williams ebooks

free Jerry Williams ebooks promo

This may be of interest to fans of spandex and monster...strange fiction, and even stranger paranormal madness for your reading pleasure.

As per a free promotion with these ebooks for free...Occult secrets of the UFO...the fantasy book 'Mystic Sea tales' and the poetry book 'Citadel of Dreams'.  They are free to download until Easter 4/20/14.  Download, and rate it if you liked them!

 Occult secrets of the UFO

Occult Secrets of the UFO

 Mystic sea tales

Mystic Sea Tales

 Citadel of dreams

Citadel of Dreams

Happy reading folks!

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Happy 40th Dungeons and Dragons, Labyrinth Lord. Knight Chills, and the Gamers triology

Happy 40th Dungeons and Dragons, Labyrinth Lord. Knight Chills, and the Gamers triology

David A. Trampier's iconic artwork for the first AD&D players handbook

2014 is the forty year anniversary of the iconic table top role playing game Dungeons and Dragons.  Originally created as a role playing supplement to his miniature war campaign game, Gygax's creation would become a juggernaut that would become a part of the pop culture.  Dungeons and Dragons complex rules of combat and role playing also became a lightning rod for people convinced that the game was occult in origin and was satanic.  It also paved the way for computer games, and eventually was influential in other areas...roleplaying is now a well known tool for character reaction from the corporate to the scientific to possible intelligence operations.

the medieval miniature game that would eventually morph into dungeons and dragons
Gary Gygax had several cameos on the animated show Futurama

The game system has gone through several reboots, which eventually paved the way for a desire for the old game systems with retro clones of modules.  Pretty much new supplements for open source game systems that is old school D&D without any trademarks of the D&D which points out to the staying power of table top games in general.

Labyrinth lord, one of the new popular games harkening back to D&D's original glory days
For more info on Labyrinth Lord click here - Goblinoid Games

Dungeons and Dragons was a popular saturday morning cartoon, and recently was the backdrop to Futurama's Bender's Game.  The game also influenced endless sword and sorcery films at the box office as well as setting the stage for the return of fantasy films like the Lord of the Rings.  Direct films with the Dungeons and Dragons name in the title are unfortunately a mixed bag, and it could be argued that its influence is more indirect.  I'll focus on two independent films with a grounding in Dungeons and Dragons type of role play is the horror film Knightchills and the other is the comedy 'Dorkness Rising'  I would include Mazes and Monsters which captured the paranoia of Dungeons and Dragons...but it was more of anti drug film with D&D being the drug, still it had Tom Hanks!

Knight Chills

A revenge horror film uses a roleplaying group as the impetus for horror is the subject of Katherine Hicks's film 'Knight Chills'.  John is a troubled member of a role playing group expresses his feelings for Brooke, but her rebuff leads to the gamer's despondency and suicide.  He returns as a black knight who is now killing off the game group one by one.  Playing off of the D&D is a gateway for occult activity hysteria, Knight Chills has some solid performances from DJ Perry, Laura Tidwell, and Laura Alexander.

DJ Perry who starred and cowrote Knight chills

Laura Tidwell as Brooke

Worth a look for spandex and monster fans and for fans of roleplaying and horror films.  Actor/producer/knightchills co writer DJ Perry has expressed interest in another Knight Chills, so let him know (via the link below) that you would want another round with the Black knight.

DJ Perry (actor/writer/producer of Knight Chils)

the trailer for 'Knight Chills'

The Gamers trilogy
(The Gamers, Dorkness Rising, and the Hands of Fate)

The Gamers

The lines between an adventure party and the roleplayers blur in this comedy trilogy.  The first film called 'The Gamers' is about a group of roleplayers and their adventures in the game world crosscut with the real world for comedic effect.  Produced by the film company Dead Gentlemen with a non existent budget and SCA costumes, the gamers gained a cult following in gamer circles which eventually paved for the second film called Dorkness Rising.
The original film 'The Gamers' which set up the film series
Check out the trailer for 'The Gamers'

Dorkness Rising

In this film, we have a new gaming group.  Our lead is the dungeon master who is trying to make an adventure module, but is having a case of writers block.  One of the main players brings his ex girlfriend to pad out the adventure party, and its this character that helps the dungeon master with his adventure.  This is a comedy from role players to role players with many in jokes as well as broad comedy as well.  Worth a look for spandex and monster fans.

A new gaming group in 'Dorkness Rising'

"You can't use a lightsaber in sword combat!" one of the funny sequences in the gaming world

Check out the trailer for 'Dorkness Rising'

The Hands of Fate
The third film of the trilogy is called 'The Hands of Fate'   I haven't seen it yet, but it promises to be more fun, and revisits the gaming group from Dorkness Rising.

The main link for 'The Hands of Fate'

Here is a teaser trailer for 'The Hands of Fate'

Happy birthday Dungeons and Dragons!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Getting into 'The Director's Chair'

Getting into 'The Director's Chair' and Tim Ritter's Truth or Dare

Here I am getting grilled by the lovely and talented Lola!

Recently I had the pleasure of getting interviewed for 'The Director's Chair' which is a program produced by independent Kentucky film company Rotted Corpse Productions.  I got grilled by the lovely and talented Lola st. Magdalene (always a bonus), and I'm on the same program that first featured cult horror director Tim Ritter (creator of the acclaimed Truth or Dare film series).

Me, Lola, Sammy Bates, and Kenny Bates of Rotted Corpse Productons

Actor Steve Guynn got a grip on the sound

Sammy and Kasey setting up in the awesome Solaris Gallery located in Versailles, KY.

Here is Tim interviewed by Ford Winstar...

I'm a huge fan of Tim's films, and was lucky to be involved for a brief cameo with Truth or Dare IV which starred Casey Miracle, Heather Price, and Jessica Cameron.  It satires the whole blood thirsty dare of an increasing sadistic public.  A man spirals apart from a break up, but is his new love interest on video chat a dark harbinger of murder?

Truth or Dare IV
Lead actor Casey Miracle is driven to madness by video chat gal played by Jessica Cameron.

Jessica Cameron no doubt was influenced by this film when she later directed her film Truth or Dare.

Jessica Cameron in Truth or Dare IV
Lead actress Heather Scream Price has been in several of my films and as well as an active producer for Justice League Films.

Heather 'Scream' Price

Any time I get to have bragging rights of being in a Tim Ritter film is a good day.  Worth a look for fans of spandex and monster.

Check out the venue for the Solaris gallery as well...for all of your artistic cravings!

Rotted Corpse Productions
Tim Ritter of Truth or Dare series on IMDB
Solaris Gallery

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lexington Bluegrass Cosplay Convention 2014

Lexington Bluegrass Cosplay Convention 2014

Cosplay meets belly dancing Arabesque World Dance

I had a blast for the first Bluegrass Cosplay Convention put on by the lovely and talented Lola Magdalene Scott.  My forte has usually been sci fi, comics, or indie filmmaking so it was cool to delve away from my norm, and be in a convention of cosplayers.  The people were  nice, and it obvious folks put a lot of love and effort into their cosplay efforts.  Most of the furry folks were part of KY furs, so that was cool and unique.  It was a fun first year for this event, and next year promises to be even bigger.  Perhaps I can kick it old school with some cosplay of my own....tune in next year.

Here I am with Lola and actor/filmmaker Stacey Gillespie

Furry folks

Mountain Mafia star Mike Holman

more cosplay bellydancing...Andorians from Star Trek TOS

Tribal beats from the green skinned Orion slave girls

More furry cosplayers

ZP movies doing the 'I got your nose' bit with an evil clown

Evil clown cosplay

scary undead cosplay

sea shanty singing pirates always brighten a day!

Actress Kayla Perkins with Santa/podcaster/actor/mischief maker Sal Lizard 

Heather 'Scream' Price doing a rebel yell against the stormtroopers

Evil clown

I made the toy list courtesy of the 501st

more furry cosplay...oh you fox

the costumed critter was up for mischief

one of the odd things for cosplay for me was the blending of genres here Fur and Trek


Lola Magdalene Scott
Ironstrike Productions
Sal Lizard - the wild world of Sal Lizard
Mike Holman's Phoenix Feather Gaming
Arabesque World Dance
ZP movies
goatboyfilms youtube
Moonlite comics
KY Furs

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