Saturday, March 31, 2012

Astro Space Hero: Invasion of the Ro-man! (season 2 episode 5)

Robot monster invasion has begun!
Corso must stop the robot monster, the sexy but evil Queen Andromeda, and the turncoat Commodore Kang to save planet Maia and the universe!

The evil Commodore Kang
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Friday, March 30, 2012

Astro Space Hero : Queen Andromeda and the Robot monster! (season 2 episode 4)

Queen Andromeda

The sexy but evil Queen Andromeda (played by horror hostess Spooky D) is invading the galaxy with her robot monster! Can Corso stop the robot monster?

Robot monster

watch the episode on Blip tv

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

astro space hero on youtube

putting together a youtube play list for astro space hero...I'm working on more adventures for season two..queen andromeda, the spider lady, and more!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Queen Shirley of Saturn and her zombie army!

In between editing other things I put together a fun little clip with actress/filmmaker Shauna Tackett (Bad Hare Day, Saucer Sex Peep show)...plan 9 weirdness for all to enjoy!

here is the fun little clip on youtube...please share it with any Ed Wood fans out there...there must be a sequel!

It was a lot of fun...perhaps there is a sequel?

Queen Shirley 2?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Surreal film maker Chris DeJoseph, Friday nite frights, and sexy undead chicks rule!

In this episode of Spandex and Monster, we explore the weird surreal films of Chris DeJoseph and his group Friday nite frights.  I first discovered these films on you tube, and I was instantly hooked by them.  Sexy ladies, monsters, and people wearing rubber masks in carny films that range from horror, comedy, and all places in between with subtle subtext of fetish, science fiction and horror.  

So without further ado, here is filmmaker Chris DeJoseph of Friday Nite Frights.

Tell the world who you are, and what is it you do with your films.

Monsters and sexy ladies of friday nite fright films

Born and raised on Long Island,New York I came from a struggling middle class family.I was a cartoonist as a kid along with my 2 brothers,and always enoyed putting on puppet shows,Haunted Mazes in our basement,plays for the neighborhoods and horror games outside.I was a creative writer since I was in 3rd grade.I used to draw dozens of comic books with my own cartoons and give them out to the girls in class.I contined drawing as I grew but nearing around 20 I was getting bored being alone often(Drawing) and wanted to do something that involved my friends.It wasnt until my older brother wanted me to go in for a christmas gift for our Dad in 1987(an RCA Video Recorder) that I completely got sucked into the video era.I made a home video with my friends that year and it was awful.It was my first project so I was entitled to many mistakes.Neverless,it struck a cord with me and I continued on and started making comedy sketches.Soon after,the comedy shorts came in.I did do a half a dozen horror themed projects (pre-Frights)that were later drafted into the FNF series.I loved acting and enjoyed making people laugh,mainly because I loved to laugh.I knew that I was never going to afford to pay to go to Film schools,College for Cartooning, so I decided to just go ahead and make my own blend of films anyway and share them with the world,maybe someone out there will like them.I would love to be a film producer but it probably wont happen.

Your films have a dream like and surreal quality with monsters, sexy ladies, and rubber masked people in the films. What influenced you to bring in all of the masks for the films.

The rubber masks,The "human faced rubber masks" were originally used because I did not have enough actors for that shoot.So ,I had a strong actor play multiple parts in a video many times.It has been the same factor since I stared filming.I don't have anyone under contract so they may be here with me today,but could be gone tomorrow.

Space aliens from beyond!

After I discovered for myself your unique films that focused on a horror and a carny fun house aesthetic, I was surprised that you also have comedy clips as well. Was that intentional, or did it grow out of making the horror themed movies?

I already mentioned that I started doing comedies first(they are still my favorite to do)and did not get the Friday Nite Frights series established until1997.Benny Hill,3 Stooges,Laurel and Hardy,all my idols and influences in comedy.
Undead monsters of the flesh!


What is the film you are the most proud of? What film you think represents what you do in a single film?

My most proud project is very hard to say.I will probably have to say 'Count Gore's Bloody Terror" is my favorite,not only did it cost me a ton of money but it is what got me going.I wanted to do a wild werewolf vs. vampire tale(influenced by late Paul Nashy)and it took me 7 years to fully complete that project.It was my thorn in my side for over half a decade,but when I finished it another idea hit and BAM! the 3 Wolf Beast adventures were made!Another series that I am proud of that help define my series.

Part 1 of Count Gore's Bloody Terror

What are your future plans?

My future plans,I am currently filming my last season of the NEW Friday Nite Frights.I am gonna try to do some Clips for Sale with some of my Models so that I can provide some funding for my next series that I would like to venture into-a Live Action Cartoon series.It will take some capitol but I am gonna try to bring my own characters to life!I will continue to release the rest of the Frights from my Vault for the next 3 seasons I have slated.After they are all uploaded,i will come back with a big Halloween Special to compliment the series.

If someone wanted to find out more about you and your films, where would they go?

You can check out my vids on youtube at and I am on Face Book as well.

Orville Rotney and his vampire guest on the Friday Nite Frights!

Muchas gracias Chris and Friday Nite Frights!

Sexy undead chicks rule! (more Ectovision madness)

Poet (Steve Guynn) sells his soul to the witch (Heather Price)

In keeping up with the surreal theme, we visit this fake film within a film.  It was for my film Ectovision, and was a spoof of several business guys trying to con indie filmmakers with their money for suspect reasons.  In the ectovision segment, two idealistic filmmakers(Claude Miles and Rebecca Spiers) approach sleazy movie producer John Bevin (Billy W. Blackwell) for money to produce a silent black and white art film with better equipment.  He looks at their demo and then proclaims it to be 'crap' and then produces for the idealistic filmmakers this film instead of their serious work with his money to show his way versus the idea of art for arts sake.  

The idealistic filmmakers looking for funding   

The sleazy movie money man 'improving' art

Crazy surreal humor and 'Hackworths to nowhere!' It was also a spoof and satire of how the bottom line can screw up art, and how we inadvertently sell ourselves out for a quick buck.  It was fun to make a deliberately chaotic film.  Starring Steve Guynn as the mad poet and Heather Price as the sexy witch and saucy undead Luna!

"I want your soul!"
Here is the clip for everyone to enjoy...she is dead...dead I tell you!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Monsters with artist Billy Tackett, and zombies in space

Monsters with artist Billy Tackett

In this spandex and monster, we switch gears and go for the worlds of the monster and horror with  hardworking and well known artist Billy Tackett who delights fans with both his creative graphic work and his wry sense of humor.  I first met Billy af the first Scarefest in Lexington, KY when my table was next to his, and I'm sure Eric Butts and I scarred him for life when we were promoting Zeppo the whole weekend.  Uh, sorry about without further delay, here is graphic artist Billy Tackett.

Tell the world about the guy on the street..what is it that you do?

I am a professional artist, zombification specialist and Father of the Zombie Mash-Up. I've been doing book covers and illustrations for over 13 years now but my biggest claim to fame is the stuff that I do for shits and giggles, which is my Dead White & Blue series of paintings. Dead White & Blue consists of iconic images that I re-paint as zombies. Probably the most well known are Zombie Sam and Fannie The Flesheater who were Uncle Sam and Rosie the Riveter before the change. I've done a bit of research and I believe that I zombify movie posters, album covers, historic figures, whatever. Nothing is sacred. I think one of the things that makes me different from a ton of other cats doing similar stuff is that all my zombification pieces are created using traditional means like oils paint and pencils. Most artists use computers to do paint overs or photo manipulations but, as I like to say, mine are lovingly hand-crafted.

You mixed iconic superhero images with a different take on them (the cover of action heroes with a zombie superman). How has the reaction been to these works, and to your work in general from the comic book/horror/science fiction community?

Overall the reaction is positive. I'm not sure what it is but my zombies seem to appeal to both zombie fans and zombie haters alike. Having said that, there is a difference in the reaction by the hardcore fans of the different genres. Comic fans have embraced us with open arms. Horror fans on the other hand tend to be more of fans of a specific movie monster than stuff like mine. Their reactions aren't necessarily negative but more neutral. Hardcore sci-fi fans are a bit more on the negative side. They seem to regard zombies as gross.

And to keep anyone getting their panties in a wad I want to be clear that these statements are just generalizations. We have been doing dozens of conventions a year for several years now and these are some general vibes we have gotten over the years.

What was the 'aha' moment when you decided to follow your passion in art.

I never really had an 'aha' moment. Art was always something I did as long as I can remember. And as I got older I realized that it was the only thing that I could do exceptionally well so I had to figure out how to make money doing it. THAT was the hard part!

One of the things people don't realize is the rampant stealing of images and passing it off as your own work. I was only made aware of this by a con artist who passed off his work to a friends convention only to have the real artist threaten a lawsuit over ripped off works. Why do you think there is an explosion of that kind of con artist in the art world, and to be fair filmmakers, promoters sometimes also indulge in this practice.

For one it's easier to do now. It's simple to find some teenager from Croatia that can draw like the dickens and tell everyone it's your own. They might never know. The flip side is that it is harder to get away with it if you have any sort of internet presence. 

 Secondly, there seems to be a creative bankruptcy of sorts. Large numbers of people want to be creative but a number of these people don't want to pay their dues. They don't want to succeed or fail on their own merits. It's easier to just take someone else's shit.

What inspired you, artist, media, person when you compose a piece and finish a piece?

I could write you a book on my inspirations. Basically I'm a product of the 70s and 80s. Scooby-Doo, Famous Monsters of Filmland, KISS, cheesy horror flicks, Mad Magazine etc. I absorbed all of it and it has festered and is now coming to a to speak of course.

My most recent nod to some of my influences is my Dead White & Blue Comics, which is available now. Visually it is a throwback to the comic books of the 70's, off white paper, bad printing and coloring, silly ads. Story wise it has zombies, Nazis, aliens, giant robots and more!

If someone wanted to know more about you or what you do, where would they go? You can find me on Twitter, Facebook and most other social time-wasting sites by searching for Billy Tackett

muchas senor Tackett!

Queen of the cursed world (aka zombies in space)

Originally, this was to be the follow up to my film, misadventures in space, and was more sci fi comedic satire and craziness with the idea of a planet of zombies invading the galaxy!  It's a fun crazy bawdy film, but I have to be honest when I say I have a love/hate relationship with the film.  It's really funny and folks seem to like it, but there was a lot of weird personal drama behind the scenes on the film, nothing to write a book about, but there was definitely a straining of some personal and professional relationships that thankfully doesn't show up on screen.  As director, I was caught in the middle of some of it, and that made the film for me at any rate a mixed bag.  I watched a documentary about the adventures of Baron Munchausen where director Terry Gillam goes over the troubled film, and says that at the end of the day the film still delights fans and that's important, so I usually go back to that view of 'Queen of the Cursed World'.

Here is the trailer for the film, and it is available at (I tunes) and on amazon instant video if folks are interested in the zombie planet invading the galaxy!

Queen of the cursed world on blip tv

Queen of cursed world on Amazon instant video

In the film, there are robot warriors played by talented actress Cassie Young (ZP's Monstrosity), so perhaps in the future there might be a grand army of evil robots versus the zombies!  Here is a recent shoot with her as an undead vampire...robots and vampires?...hmmm...

Cassie Lynn Young as a nosferatu, photo by Joey Goldsmith
more of Joey's photo here

An interesting side note, I created the Astro Space Hero show located squarely in this science fiction universe.  The first thing with Corso was events alluded to in 'Queen of the Cursed world'.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Octoplague versus Saturn Hero

The animated Octoplague!

Working on a possible cartoon/live action hybrid with the Saturn Hero universe.  I put together a demo teaser trailer to see if it was possible, and it looks pretty good...more details tba!  Check out the clip I put together for you tube.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

J.R.R. Williams presents The Hobbin Stone

Working on a tolkienseque inspired film which is a parody and homage to the early eighties sword and sorcery films like Conan  and Ator, the fighting Eagle.  Once a part of Ectovision, the Hobbin Stone is now a stand alone film(s), and inspired by my love of role playing games and getting pumped up with the excellent gamer film, Gamers II: Dorkness rising (worth a look, produced by the dead gentlemen)...The Hobbin stone aka the stone of saint Seth is a magic item stolen from the etheral elves by the wicked bloodline of Morganna. Enter the wizard Guyfax (Steven Guynn) and Kevin the hero knight (Cherokee Hall) to protect castle Chadwell and the bloodline of the Bruce. 

As a nod to middle earth...I will add an extra R to my initials, and it will be 'J.R.R. Williams presents the Hobbin Stone' medieval surreal craziness!  Still working on it, but more details soon...

Guyfax and Kevin the Knight

Witch queen Morganna (Heather Price) craves the Hobbin stone

King Bruce, heir of the Bruce line

Guyfax under the spell of the dreaded Selinix (Roni Jonah)
the film actually deals with a previous age, where a younger guyfax fights the dreaded Venomix Morganna, who had stolen the Hobbin stone from the eternal elves.

Misty Simmons-Poteet as Venomix Morganna from the first age of the stone
Guyfax and the Foe Hammer fight Venomix Morganna!

wizard Gaydar and warrior Banyon prepare for battle!

Following Guyfax into battle!

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