Saturday, April 21, 2012

President Ronald Reagan, alien warrior?

Was hostile aliens the real  reason for Reagan's SDI program?
Rereading Philip Corso's book, The Day after Roswell, the former military intelligence point man wrote in his book that most modern items allegedly had an origin with the crashed saucer of Roswell.  Corso said the modern items of integrated circuits, night vision, bullet proof fiber vests, and fiber optics were offshoots and seedings of military 'farming out' ideas and concepts to corporate companies still somewhat under the military wing.  These were efforts to reverse engineer alien debris from the Roswell UFO crash.   Corso talks about the military scrambling to fight someone else besides the cold war with the Soviet Union, and his motivation with the book is to the truth out to the public.

Corso was Chief of the Pentagon's Foreign Technology desk in Army Research and Development in early 60's.
Corso maintains America would experiment with weapons research to combat what the military thought was a hostile alien force, under the cover of NASA space flights.  The horror, Corso implies, is that the alien creatures could fly about our space and perform clandistine genetics experiments on humans completely unfettered.  It is interesting his take on SDI, or Ronald Reagan's 'star wars' weapons technology that the Russians were in on this, we could say it was to protect the world from a nuclear first strike but it was actually for another enemy in the night sky.

From the day after Roswell, Corso is happy with the efforts of President Reagan and SDI, and reflects on the new 'foe' of the human race.

"I was so much in the routine of being a military intelligence officer, I didn't really stop to think about the implications of UFO's and EBEs.  I understood that we were fighting a cold war with the Soviets and a skirmish war with extraterrrestrials.  I believe their intentions were, and still are, hostile, and I believe we took the steps neccessary to develop the weapons to blunt their threat." (Corso, p. 273, The Day after Roswell)

Did Reagan's SDI work blunt alien agression?  Oddly enough, a high level member of Canada's military circle came out in disclosure against others (USA, Russia, China) shoot first interaction with aliens.  It was a fairly high ranking goverment official, Paul Hellyer, Canada's former Minister of National Defense.  The video has generated some buzz, but oddly not much, which is strange considering the otherworldly claims from a former goverment official.

Canada's Former Ministry of Defense official Paul Hellyer

Here is the link to the video conference, what he says in an odd way backs up the claims of Corso. 

I did a small video talking about Reagan addressing the UN wanting to talk about an alien threat among the population would make the leaders of the world unite against a common foe.  At the time, his speech advisors took it out, but Reagan insisted on putting it back into the speech.  Was there more than just a figure of speech. and a call to action with President Reagan?  Time will tell, and if there is a defense against aliens we should take another look at SDI's true foe.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Astro Space Hero: Nazi UFO in space! (season 2 episode 6)

In this episode of Astro Space Hero, Corso aka Bruce Strange, is fighting a Nazi UFO in space!

The Nazi UFO

There were a series of films that were a part of an anthology that did not happen...these are a little more crazier than the earlier astro space hero episodes...The nazi ufo, saucer sextant and atomic sex monster...they shall be in the second season of astro space hero.<

Watch the Nazi UFO on blipt tv

watch the Nazi UFO on youtube.

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