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Star Trek: The Cage 50th anniversary of first Star Trek pilot

Star Trek: The Cage 50th anniversary of Star Trek's first pilot
Spandex and monster celebates the 50th anniversary of 'The Cage' with Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike
This week is the 50 anniversary of the original star trek pilot.  At the time, no one knew history would be made by this plucky science fiction pilot.  Originally proposed as a zap gun western ala 'wagon train to the stars'  producer Gene Roddenberry decided to use science fiction as a vehicle to talk bluntly about the human condition.
The Enterprise in 'The Cage'

The Keepers who dabbled in illusions versus reality

In the episode, the space ship Enterprise commanded by Christopher Pike would encounter the mysterious woman Vina who was the last human survivor of a wrecked space ship.  The mental race of the Keepers were there to use Vina to mate with Pike and start a human colony of slaves to help the Keepers (who despite their fantastic mental abilities of making their dreams almost a seductive reality had forgotten the technology of their forbears hereby dooming their race to extinction).
Vina as a seductive Orion slave girl

Vina with her illusion of beauty and how she really looked at the end of the episode
Pike fights each tempting illusion until the Keepers realize the humans cannot be used for their plans.  Vina is shown stripped of her illusion as a deformed survivor and is allowed to stay with the Keepers with an illusion of Captain Pike.  At the conclusion Captain Pike rejoins the Enterprise off to new adventures in the stars.

The network executives at the time hated the show calling it 'Too cerebal' and demanded that the woman 2nd in command along with the alien Mr. Spock be dropped from the show.  They wanted another pilot but with more action, and the second pilot was commissioned.  This one starred William Shatner as Captain Kirk and the rest of Star Trek as it is known took flight.  The first pilot was also recut into a two part story called 'The menagarie' that introduced Kirk to the former commander of the USS Enterprise.  Roddenberry would deliver on action adventure but he would make intelligent scripts along with casting multiple ethnic actors in the pilots as well as the series... Star Trek became the first show in TV history with a multiracial kiss in a later episode.  Roddenberry also defied the executives by keeping Mr. Spock a part of the show.

There are prototypes in the first pilot that would be used later in the series...the icy 2nd in command Number One (Majel Barrett) would go on to become nurse chapel as well as Gene Roddenberry's wife and would voice the computer for all the series afterward starting with Star Trek: The Next Generation.  The alien Mr. Spock would return but with a more non emotional demeanor (it's somewhat jarring seeing Mr. Spock in this adventure emoting all over the place).  The doctor already was the emotional heart of the show which would really take place when DeForest Kelley became Dr. McCoy).  With the JJ Abrams remake of Star Trek, the character of Captain Pike would be a father figure mentor to Captain Kirk which is a nod to the original pilot of star trek.

Star Trek Alpha Strike

I filmed a star trek fan film, and it was placed definitely in the era of the first pilot.  The space ship commander Corso was also mentioned to be friends of Captain Pike.  The Alpha Strike was a sister ship to the Pike era Enterprise.  It was a fun fan film to make, and was a fun showcase to the talented actors from my other films in a familiar setting.  Worth a look for Star Trek fans.

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Watch Astro Space Hero on youtube

Astro Space Hero on youtube

Check out the playlist for Astro Space Hero... shot in fiction parody ....

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Jerry Williams and his films on IndieReign

Jerry Williams and his films on IndieReign

Several of my films are on IndieReign.  A pretty cool platform for the independent filmmaker.  I have several films which I started using my 'Slacker Dada' approach to filmmaking.  In a nutshell, its a 'create something from nothing' and trash cinema mix up.  As most people know, indie film distribution is a big awful mess right now, but IndieReign has been catered to independent films and filmmakers...worth a look for your films of the independent bent, and if you are interested in some of my films check them sure to share with folks who would 'get' my sense of humor and filmmaking.

These films are for mature audience members only...enjoy!

Horror Blogger Die!

My homage to 'bad' VHS horror films from the 80's.

  Bride of the Saucer Monster

Monsters, UFO's, and mad that's a party!

Saucer Sex from Beyond
My nod to Lovecraft's from beyond...a mad scientist is in contact with aliens, and their dreams bring sex and misery!

Saucer Sex Serial Killer
A porn loving creep starts to it the aliens who give the urge to kill?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Revenge of the Spacemen, Invasion of the Saucermen, and Horror Blogger Die!

Revenge of the Spacemen, Invasion of the Saucermen, and Horror Blogger Die!

Revenge of the Spacemen is a fun homage to the salad days of AIP films of yore, in particular the iconic Invasion of the Saucer men.  The aliens are based upon those alien design which was the creation of godfather monster maker Paul Blaisdell which was a treat for me.  The story could easily be an AIP film modified for today's audiences.  In this case, an invasion of Ohio, complete with redneck humor, beers everywhere, and a shotgun toting mama facing off the monsters.  The spacemen are a weird horny lot anal probing every man, woman, and animal out there...I know there's a frenchmen joke in a frat social joke in there someplace.

Those space men are pervs...even messing with horses!

Exposure to this probe makes people turn green and let out terrible farts..I guess there's a Cincinnati Reds stadium chili hotdog joke in there too, but I digress.  By trial and error, our heroes which is a young couple, their friends at a hamburger joint, a hillbilly clan led by a hilarious strong willed mama with a can of Budweiser in one hand and an itching shotgun trigger finger in the other, along with the local cops, and assorted beer drinkers of Ohio fight the space men invasion.  Props goes to the funny actors in the film.

Actress Janet Jay channeling AIP heroines of yore in this film

Director Jay Summers made a fun homage to the more innocent and fun era of horror and science fictions films of the late 50's and early 60's.  Not to give away any plot points, but no space alien would dare interrupt an Ohio field party complete with beers and firearms!  As a former Ohio resident, I can spot an Ohio filmmaker..there's a comic book aesthetic that somehow gets into their films.  From the gore comedy Slashers gone wild to Dustin Wayde Mills puppet sex gore films that aesthetic gets snuck in.  Years ago, I joked with the late great Mark Burchett of B plus productions, I could tell his film Satanic Yuppies was shot in Cincinnati by the amount of skyline chili places seen in location shoots.  In a way this mirrors AIP films, Ohio indie filmmakers are a collection of films and filmmakers that are never really duplicated.

beer drinking youths will fight for the planet!

Worth a look for fans of old school horror sci fi films, broad comedy, and midwest slapstick.

click here for more information REVENGE OF THE SPACEMEN

Invasion of the Saucer Men

I would be remiss if I didn't include this film.  Clearly a major influence on Revenge of the Spacemen, this AIP film dealt with an invasion of spacemen in a small town.  Teenagers clearly knew what was going on, and tries to warn the town folk about the invasion of creepy saucer men.  The saucer men and the poster were icons of the AIP science fiction and horror films aimed at the teen audience.  Bonus points for the future Riddler Frank Gorshin hamming it up as a lush agent.  AIP later remade this film as invasion of the eye monsters, which was an uneven remake.

Worth a look for spandex and monster fans.

Horror Blogger Die!
This is a microbudget homage to 'bad'  VHS horror films from the 80's.

A mysterious man Dante has a contest for horror bloggers.  Smug twin horror bloggers Jason and Sammie Thick take up the challenge.  What horrors will they find at the haunted citadel?

It was a lot of fun to shoot and put together.  It will be on amazon VOD soon.  Here is the teaser link

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Terror at Crimson Creek

Terror at Crimson Creek

Terror at Crimson Creek is a new found footage horror film by Justus League Films.  Director Cherokee Hall did a Roger Corman by shooting the main bulk of the film just under 36 hours.  It was a lot of fun, a lot of hard work, and of course several roadblocks by some actor/production gremlins always makes the process interesting.  The amazing cool thing is we got the film in the can with a large cast, incredible sequences, and an awesome film when the smoke clears.  Besides production side, I did a brief cameo as a sinister guard of an insane asylum.  I also shot a behind the scenes short.  Here are some of pics I took on set as well as some frame grabs.  Worth a look for fans of Spandex and Monster.

Director Cherokee Hall going over a shot with the actors

Michael Vaughn setting up a camera shot

setting up an action shot
yours truly as a sinister guard in between doing production work

The actors who played the evil men of 'Stash' and 'Red River' show up as inmates in Terror at Crimson Creek

found a witch doll on set...had to put it into a video!
more action planning

the gore the merrier!

setting up a shot that I helped out on..

calm before the storm!
find out more about the film click on the link...

Here is that behind the scenes short I did

And a little bit of fun with halloween masks and dolls lying around...spook show...enjoy!

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The first time lord?

the first Dr. Who William Hartnell

The first time lord?  

Before William Hartnell started his run as the iconic time lord for Doctor Who, there was a show that had some of the elements that would be explored in more detail in Doctor Who.  

Roy Steffensen - star/writer of Captain Z-Ro

This show was called Captain Z-Ro, and its hero could travel in space and time.  It was originally broadcast live in the San Francisco area almost a decade earlier, and would introduce many of the concepts that would be used in Doctor Who, so you could argue that Captain Z-Ro was in effect the first time lord.

Captain Z-Ro was a children's show, and would feature a 'mentor' role which was Captain Z-Ro and his 'companion' role which was the teen called Jet.  Like Doctor Who, the Captain would witness and influence historical events and he and his companion would get into adventures.  

Captain Z-Ro was shot simply with an nonexistent budget, with at most four actors for the whole show.  It was broadcast in the infancy of television, most of the live shows were lost for good.  However due to its success later episodes were later recorded onto videotape and film.  Although its imagery was more influenced by flash gordan and buck rogers, it was a success and had broadcasters thinking about science fiction and children's program hybrids.  One successful offshoot was years later with the time travelling time lord Doctor Who.

Worth a look for fans of Doctor Who and Spandex and Monster.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Apollo 20... secret mission for moon aliens?

EBE aka 'Mona Lisa'

Apollo 20... secret mission for moon aliens?

The last manned mission to the moon was Apollo 17.  Budget concerns grounded the last three Apollo flights.  That's the official version, but there had been grumblings for years afterward about NASA and some funny business on the moon.

Apollo 20

Sometime about in 2007 a man who identified himself as Rutledge started posting youtube videos of his alleged involvement in a secret mission to explore an ancient alien space craft on the moon.  Apollo 18 was a trial run, and Apollo 19 was lost to tragedy with an impact with meteorite.  Apollo 20 was a secret mission to explore the alien space craft supposedly spotted by Apollo 15.

Allegedly this was a secret operation with Russia to explore this alien space craft, thought to be at least several thousands of years old.  This mission was launched in secret and once there the Apollo astronauts found an alien pilot aboard the derelict spacecraft.   Dubbed 'Mona Lisa'...the female pilot was humanoid with six fingers and well preserved in the airless void of the lunar surface.  An scaled down examination in the lunar module showcased the strange alien and her head gear.  Evidence from this mission from 1976 was then hidden from the general public, and only now released by the mysterious Rutledge.

anomaly allegedly of an alien spacecraft
allegedly a close up of the alien craft
A size comparison, if true this ship is a monster in size

After going over the video, I'm pretty sure its a fake, but a well made and planned fake.  Rutledge never really came out with proof of his efforts(which echoes the infamous alien autopsy fake which the true owner of the footage began to get blurry as more people wanted the truth).  This video evidence itself quickly generated controversy.

apollo 20 interior

the joint USA and USSR logo for Apollo 20

One nagging point is that whoever made it was intimate over Apollo space craft details and procedures.  I do think there are ancient cities and ruins on the moon...oddly enough the anomaly pic from Apollo 15 gave this video a little connection to the space craft ruins.  Yet if this is a fake, what is its purpose?  Disinformation?  By creating a necessary herring to judge all speculations and observations against...making even the suggestion of aliens on the moon an occasion of ridicule?  Who knows?

Still its a beautiful effort, and as worthy as any big budget science fiction thriller.  Worth a look for true believers ad skeptics of aliens on the moon.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

saucer sex serial killer on indie reign

Saucer sex serial killer on indie reign

Saucer Sex Serial Killer aka Flying Saucer Exodus is a surreal film involving a flying saucer, a porn addicted killer, and Shakespeare ' s Richard III.

With jack ass star Mike Holman,  Roni Jonah,  Jason Crowe,  and Claude Miles.

Written and directed by Jerry williams.
Watch now on indiereign.

#saucer #sex #serial #killer #mikeholman 

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The Creeping Terror, 300 DVDs for Zeppo, and Shoki's bag

The Creeping Terror (1964)

The Creeping Terror

A bizarre science fiction horror film hybrid from the 1960's which also boasted a strange genesis.  On the surface it is about a slug creature that terrorizes the town from a crashed flying saucer.  Another creature on the ship also attacks those who enter the space craft.  It is deduced that these space slugs are mindless creatures and with a handy grenade, the creeping terror is destroyed.  Unfortunately a signal was sent to another galaxy, and it might be bad for the human race, but the extreme distance means it will be hundreds or thousands of years before the slug creatures return.

the monster

The creeping terror eats!


This film was in the golden era of independent films, where a quick monster cheapie could in theory brings in lots of money when it was screened in theaters.  Enter ex con and conman Vic Savage who directed it, produced, and edited the film under the alias of A.J Nelson.  Savage made the film cheaply, and would hustle locals about his big time monster movie with people funding his film for walk on roles in the film.  Savage cast himself as the lead, and by accident most of the sound was lost and a narrator provided the play by play ala a high school science film.

director, producer, editor, leading man, and con man Vic Savage

The slug creature was made of carpets and consumed victims, usually garter belt ladies into a weird mouth tunnel opening.  From the Freudian standpoint, all sorts of conclusions could come from the actions of the monster.  After the film was completed and sold to a distributor, the movie made quite a bit of profit and Savage skipped town.  He died not too long after, possibly on the run away from investors who wanted their money that evaporated like a dead space slug in a z grade monster movie.  Deemed the worst movie of all time but some movie critics, the creeping terror takes on a life of its own, and in a weird way gives validation to the conman filmmaker and his unhealthy subconscious desires.

A film which started out as a straight documentary of Vic Savage called Creep! started to morph itself into a film with segments showcasing the real life and bizarre circumstances of the film.  Here is the original teaser for the film.  Here is the link for the film, and worth a look for the fans of spandex and monster.

Only 300 DVD's for Zeppo: Sinners from beyond the moon!

Zeppo: Sinners from beyond the moon! is now in a limited DVD special edition on Amazon.  Once the 300 DVD's are gone...they are definitely check out the link!

Lola Magdalene Scott loves her Zeppo DVD

Zeppo DVD on Amazon

Mythic Waters: Shoki's Bag
A webseries in the steampunk and fantasy genre and which is currently in production has a unique way of fund raising the series. Instead of going the traditional crowd sourcing methods such as kickstarter, the people behind the series are asking people to ask their library to stock the book series. A portion of their profit goes into the production of the webseries. 

Worth a look for fans of Spandex and Monster. Thanks for uber actress Kristine Renee Farley for the heads up!

for more info check out...

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