Thursday, July 25, 2013

goatboyfilms films and books available at Amazon

If folks are interested, I have several films on demand at Amazon and several book about my research into the paranormal and UFOS.  Check on the link below for my work on Amazon.

more uploads at Astro Space Hero

Uploaded some new episodes to Astro Space Hero on youtube. Click on the link below for more information. Cult film director Tim Ritter (Truth or Dare, Creep) does a fantastic cameo as 'the metal baron' as well as Roni Jonah (The zombie movie, girl/girl scene) as the sexy but evil Green Witch.

Here is the youtube playlist embed.  You can also search for the metal baron and green witch here..

Friday, July 5, 2013

Nikola Tesla, scientist or warlock?

energy from a tesla coil

Few deny the technology that maverick scientist Nikola Tesla brought to the masses.  His alternating current is now the standard of energy around the world, and his inventions run the line from particle weapons to wireless energy transmission.  While rival Thomas Edison acquired the title 'wizard of menelo park' could Tesla actually make a claim to the title of wizard?

maverick scientist Tesla
Tesla was afflicted by a strange illness where he could see something in his mind as a three dimensional object such as design for his tesla coils and make it run in his mind and watch it work in real time.  This strange malady has more in common with virtual reality or the concept of visualize magic where you visual something and thereby by ritual of spells materialize some form of magic or creature (noted UFO researcher John Keel argued that visitations and bigfoot had more in common with elemental summoning than a prehistoric man).

Tesla died in obscurity, and rumors of particle weapons, and strange devices to harness energy and communicate to alien worlds began as soon as his research papers 'vanished' after his death.  Could the warlock Tesla have some otherworldly incantations in those papers of calculus and energy measurement?

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