Sunday, April 21, 2013

AZ power girl Cara Nicole and The Return with Frank Santoroski Jr.

In this episode of spandex and monster we will see the cosplay efforts of Cara Nicole aka AZ powergirl, and the film The Return with actor/filmmaker Frank Santoroski.

AZ power girl Cara Nicole
very popular on the cosplay/convention circuit, Cara Nicole aka AZ power girl has been making a splash with her cosplay efforts.  Here is a sample of her work as Earth2 powergirl.

Cara Nicole aka AZ powergirl

as marvel comic's character 'The phoenix'

packing punch in steampunk hybrid shoot
Marvel and DC meet on a convention floor.
Cara has a website, if you'd like to know more about her check it out here.....
You can also add her facebook fanpage which is here..

Muchas gracias Cara Nicole!

The Return with Frank Santoroski Jr.
This film concerns aliens returning to Earth, with filmmaker Frank Santoroski Jr of ZP movies.  It is in post production and should be available soon.

promo pic for the Return

George Taylor is an ancient astronaut theorist. He finds out what he is right about, and what he is wrong about when he is abducted by Aliens who are over 3000 years old. - The Return's synopsis.

As a self described UFO/paranormal/conspiracy blogger(see my blog UFO blur zone), I'm eager to see the finished film.

Frank Santoroski as George Taylor

Eric Butts doing some camerawork for 'The Return'

David Fultz as the crazy preacher in 'The Return'
 For more information about this film, The Return movie

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