Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Melantha Blackthorne, Go Go Girls vsNazis, and surreal batman

Go Go Girls vs. the Nazis

Melantha Blackthorne as the evil Doctor Headie

Horror producer/actress Melantha Blackthorne and her company Robomonkey productions should be well familiar to fans of spandex and monster.  I'll be picking her brain about Robomonkey productions (Sinners and Saints, Order of One, and Countess Bathoria's Graveyard Picture Show) in a future spandex and monster.  When I was promoting my film Purvos, I was in a same magazine as Melantha when she came out with Sinners and Saints and I definitely dug what she and Robomonkey productions were going for in regards to indie film.

grindhouse promo for the new film

Her new film Russ Meyers inspired film, Go Go Girls vs. the Nazis, is in a crowd funding stage and with elements that would bring a Russ Meyers fan to tears along with an homage to Illsa of the SS films, Go Go Girls vs. the Nazis should be a grindhouse free for all!

Check out the teaser and funding page!  Hear Wayne Clingman's pitch for the film!

Alyas Batman En Robin (1993) 

Alyas Batman En Robin

With the release of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, to DVD and blue ray, it's always fun to point out other variations of the Batman mythos world wide.  In this segment of Spandex and Monster, we turn to the Phillipines and their version of Batman, aka Alyas Batman En Robin.

Batman and Robin with Regal Films logo

This popular Phillipine film by director Tony Y. Reyes was a spoof of the Adam West run of Batman, starring comedian Joey de Leon as Batman, and his son Keempee as Robin.  In a self promoting touch, the symbol of Robin is replaced with the logo of the studio Regal Films.  Some surreal touches are Batman offering the ladies his 'Bat juice' and 'Bat milk' in between his fights with the crazy Joker (played with gusto by late comedian Rene Requiestas).

Joker as played by the late Rene Requiestas

A sequel for the popular film still hasn't appeared, but fans world wide are still clamoring for a sequel to this version of the Dark Knight.

Offering Batjuice and Batmilk to the ladies

Even the end credits are a surreal event...

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