Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012, the year of contact, and Saucer Sex from Beyond

2012, the year of contact?

My interests in UFO lore and research brings us to the year of 2012.  According to Mayan myth, the world will stop or change in December of this coming year.  The whole doomsday aspect of it bothered me, not just because I didn't want the world to end, but the whole 'time stopping' aspect goes against the Mayan idea of time, ie, it was circular instead a long string.  Could the 'doomsday' aspect be another misinterpretation of a forgotten culture?  All we know from them are several pamplets saved from the destruction of both the rival cultures and the Spanish invaders to their indigenous culture.  Perhaps, the world changing event will be from the sky, and the world will change from the proof that we are not alone.

It has been an amazing year with new discoveries of alien worlds, and 'unexplained' quirks of space probe data.  Recently, there was an anomaly of a potential 'bogey' near Mercury.  The video is definitely interesting, and the debunkers claim it actually Mercury has a 'it's only swamp gas' kind of knee jerk denial from mainstream press and scientists.  If it is a UFO, it is a titantic sized craft, cloaked invisible in our solar system.

What is it?  Time will tell....

Saucer Sex from Beyond

I took my interest from UFO conspiracy theories, and my love of surreal 60's exploitation films (the acid eaters, the Chooper, Plan 9 from outerspace), and prodding from my cinema muse Roni Jonah and made a film called Saucer Sex from Beyond.  It's strictly a comedy, but there are little nods to conspiracy aspects...the goverment wanting alien technology for a weapon, conspiracy and coverup, and of course alien thought implant technology (ie, saucer sex).  It has nudity, saucer sex, and puppets, and isn't for the weak hearted!  Banned off of amazon instant video for a time, it was recently reinstated...on Amazon VOD and Dynamoplayer.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Victoria Cosplay, and the evil occult master Funny man!

A well known figure in the world of cosplay, Victoria Cosplay, allowed spandex and monster to pick her curtains please...Victoria Cosplay!

Victoria, what brought you to the world of cosplay?

I went to the very first Wizard World Philadelphia convention years ago and saw people there dressed in costume. The ones that were most memorable to me were a couple dressed as Harley Quinn and the Joker and a model who was dressed as Wonder Woman. That was the first time I had seen cosplayers in person. A few years later (in 2006) I saw a picture online of a beautiful Japanese woman dressed as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2. I was so impressed by the quality of the costume (as well as the photography) that I decided to try it for myself and have been cosplaying ever since.

What are your favorite characters to perform?

That would have to be Catwoman. She's smart, sassy, sexy and dangerous. I am very comfortable walking around as Selina. I'm alot like her and I feel like I look the most like her out of all my characters.

How has been the reaction to your work?

OMG it's been insane! It's to the point where I can't take a few steps at a convention or a show without being stopped. I'm still not use to people I don't know yelling my name out for a photo or because they want to talk to me. I've been the subject of so much amazing fan art and have been featured on many websites. This year I was named "The Queen of Cosplay" by two Japanese websites. My work in cosplay has also lead to amazing career opportunities. I became an official Slave Leia model for Gentle Giant Studios and have the pleasure of working at the San Diego Comic Con every year. Entertainment Weekly did an entire story on me getting ready for Comic Con and I was hired by a website to cosplay Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku. I also get free access to certain shows which is very, very cool and have made friends with some incredible people within the industry.

What comic book, science fiction, or fantasy universe holds the most sway with you?

That's an easy answer; the DC Universe. I grew up watching the Lynda Carter Wonder Woman series, the Tim Burton Batman movies and the Christopher Reeves Superman films. I've been a fan of DC since I was nine years old. They have the most iconic characters in comics and words can't express my love for them.

If people wanted to find out more about you, where should they go?

Oh I'm all over the internet My official website is:
I also have a Facebook Fan Page at:
a Twitter account:
My Blog:
Deviant Art:
and Flickr:

What does the future hold for you?

Next year I will be shooting with some of the best cosplayers in the country! I'm very excited about that! I'll be attending the Wizard World Philly, San Diego Comic Con and Dragon Con next year. If I attend anymore shows I will post in on the web. I'll also be featured in the Filipino edition of FHM Magazine soon and working on more modeling. Hopefully I can squeeze a brand new costume in there too!

Muchas gracias Victoria!

The evil occult master Funny Man! (more Ectovision madness!)

In this demo clip, Zghost confers with Dark Dominator about the evil occult master Funny Man!

Steve Guynn is the evil Eye Triad monster, I play Z ghost, Claude Miles is Dark Dominator, and Stacey Gillespie is the nasty Funnyman!  I guess if Z ghost is a homage parody to the phantom, and Dark Dominator is a hippie Dark knight...Funny Man is a combination of the Joker and Felix Faust.  The Magma Atomic sequence with Vesta Blanka was actually shot in late 2007 for my film, Queen of the Cursed World, and it didn't fit there but works perfectly in the crazy universe of spandex and monster.  It's still pretty rough, but funny...kind of like Funny Man!

Saucer Sex Peep Show now available on Dynamo player!

Saucer Sex Peep Show is now available 24/7 online at this link.

Saucer Sex Peep Show available now on Dynamo player!

check out my subversive satire 'Saucer Sex Peep Show'

Saucer Sex Peep Show

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dextra with Batgirl cosplay, alternative universe Superman, and Tim Ritter in metric city

Dextra Hoffman is an actress I had the pleasure of working with on ZP productions, Hellephone.  That film came out in 2008, and was written and directed by George Bonilla (I was the AD on the film, or in layman terms 'the guy who yells at people').  Dextra was one of the victims of the monster in the film, and when I was thinking of her as Poison Ivy for 'an alternate universe' fan film I was shooting...unfortunately the film never got finished...and she had moved out of state before I could get her into the film.

It made sense to think of Dextra since she was getting into cosplay at that point.  However, her cosplay at this point was firmly with the batman/batgirl without further is Dextra Hoffman.

Dextra, what brings you to world of comics, cosplay, and science fiction?

I have been into comics since I was a little girl, and wanted to walk in the shoes of all these different characters. It's always been fun to be someone else and escape reality. I've not really gotten too much into the cosplay aspect until a few years ago, but I can see making more efforts into it in the future.

Dextra, your cosplay efforts mostly focus on batman, bat girl mythos...what about the characters and universe appealed to you?

Originally, Batman appealed to me because he was just badass, and he didn't need superpowers to do it. Obviously, I connected with Batgirl a little more because she's also a girl. But since the new Batwoman character has been introduced a few years ago, I've been a bigger fan of her in particular. She's such a great character.

You've done both the acting and behind the scenes on a film...what did you take from that experience into costumes, etc.

I think I take more consideration how realistic the costume would appear to others, how well it would photograph, etc. Since my costumes have pretty much exclusively been in photos, I keep that in mind most of all.

If someone wanted to find out more about you, where would they go?
 There's The Goddamn Batbitch fan page:

And there's also my RedBubble store, where I sell my designs on shirts, stickers, iPhone cases, etc:

Also for more information about George Bonilla's film, Hellephone, from ZP productions.

muchas gracias Dextra!

Alternative universe DC fan film.
Some frame grabs from the film I was trying to get Dextra in as Poison Ivy.  It was never finished, but some segments turned up in my surreal serial killer film, Flying Saucer Exodus (shameless plug: available on distrify). 

Here is a partial credit list from the unfinished film.

Superman ... Jerry Williams
Wonder Woman .... Roni Jonah
Toyman - Jake Lemaster
Lex Luthor - Steve Guynn
General Zod - Jason Crowe
Green Lantern - Claude Miles

alternative universe Superman


Alternative universe Lex Luthor and Brainiac

General Zod

Toyman getting questioned by Wonder Woman

Green Lantern

President Tim Ritter (more ectovision madness)

Outside of Lloyd Kaufman, Ray Dennis Steckler, and John Carpenter, I'm also a huge fan of cult film director Tim Ritter(Truth or Dare, Creep).  So when I got a chance to get Tim into Spandex and Monster I jumped at the chance.  He took to the comic book madness right away as the president of Metric City universe.  Whereas the mayor and the comissoner are horny id driven dudes...the president is the calm cool guy you wish was actually in public office.  I quickly shot this after I did a cameo for Tim's new film Truth or Dare IV ( I saw a preview of it, and loved it by the way!)

Demo is pretty rough, but still fun to check out....

also I would be remiss not to mention Tim's new truth or dare film...check it out!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Kit Quinn on cosplay, and the Eye triad monster

Kit Quinn on cosplay

I'm pleased to showcase the cosplay efforts of the one and only Kit Quinn, a popular name in cosplay and on the festival circuit. 

Kit, what brought you to the world of cosplay?

Well long ago…2007…my best friend Tallest Silver was going to SDCC, and I was finally able to attend, so I did! She had been going for years before and it looked like a blast, so 2007 I made three costumes, and hit SDCC running!

What are your favorite characters to perform?

Harley Quinn is my favorite to PERFORM. She’s a character with a lot of personality and she’s a hoot to run around a con as. You get to mess with people, be witty, fall in love with every joker that passes by…Silv is also always my Ivy so it’s fun to play that dynamic as well.

I have to ask the obvious question, what universe do you draw the most inspiration from for your cosplay efforts...Marvel or DC or independent?

Well due to the sad showing of Marvel characters in my cosplay closet, it’s DC. I tend to do way more characters from that universe than any other. It’s actually funny because most of the time I read independent stuff, but I guess the costumes and bold characters of DC really draw me in.

I noticed you've done some interesting gender inversions of traditional superheroes (superwoman to superman), what brought that idea to your cosplay interests?

Well it started as a bit of a joke based on our friend’s Flash costume. We all loved our friend’s Flash, and one night Silv and a bunch of our friends were hanging out and the idea of casting the whole Justice League with our friends in reverse gender happened…then we loved it. So Silv drew up some design ideas, we recruited a few more friends we thought would love the project, and boom The Gender Bent Justice League exists!

Who would win in a Kit Quinn contest, wonderwoman or superwoman?

Oh man, are we talking fistycuffs or just in my heart? In battle it’s kind of always hard to beat Superman, so Superma’am would probably dominate in this clash as well. Though if Wondy went for Supes’ hair things might be different, Superma’am likes her hair to be styled just so!

If people wanted to find out more about you, where should they go?

Well I would say my facebook, but stupid facebook doesn’t let me have more than 5000 friends, so I’m going to have to say the fan page I share with Tallest Silver. I have a deviantart, tumblr, twitter, youtube, but they don’t get too much attention sadly. Youtube is supposed to start getting more of my attention though!

What is Kit Quinn up to for 2012?
Well for 2012 I have around 10 cons on the schedule; hopefully I’ll be able to make them all! And of course there are a couple new costumes being plotted!!

muchas gracias Kit Quinn!

The Eye Triad monster (More Ectovision madness)

Spandex and Monster is a collection of comic book heroes in Metric City.  In this clip, the dreaded Eye Triad monster (Steve Guynn) arrives to bring evil!  Seven of Magic (Heather Price) arrives to stop him, meanwhile Dark Dominator (Claude Miles) awaits a call from Z ghost and trying to ignore the sleazy Commissoner Green (Russ Croley). 

I brought in Cherokee Hall and Todd Burrows on camera to help shoot this clip, and as in all location shoots..we got some strange looks from folks as well as dealing with the wind (I love location shooting, but noise and lighting can be a hassle afterwards).  Claude did the shoots with him and Russ since I was in the 'sleep whhazzat?' phase of new fatherhood.  Heather did a great job rolling in the grass and fighting in spandex(another clip) and dealing with gawkers, sweltering heat, and the bugs in the park.

Oddly enough Steve and Claude and the others would go on their own and make Kentucky's first SAG signatory project 'Breakfast Impossible'...very much adult swim antics...worth a look for spandex and monster fans...

The Eye Triad clip is brief and very rough, but a good way to see how the heroes of metric city unite against a common foe like a bad wizard, or in this evil Eye Triad monster!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saturn Hero (Microbudget Puppet theater) is on at youtube

A collection of Saturn Hero fighting evil King Eric and the dreaded Octoplague is on at youtube.  From goatboyfilms and Microbudget Puppet Theater comes Saturn Hero!  Kind of a no budget homage to live action saturday morning shows from the 70's.  Fun silly fun!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Power Girl Cosplay with Gina G and Saturn Hero

Power Girl Cosplay

Powergirl is a character very popular with both the fetish and cosplay crowd.  To understand this, one needs to know the character and how she is the counterpart to the more well known Supergirl.  In the DC universe, there were characters from the golden age still fighting the good fight of WWII.  Yet how could these characters be of interest to young readers who had never even heard of or experienced the war against the Nazi empire and Hitler?  Enter the concept of parallel universes.  DC's current and relevant superheroes such as Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman would be 'Earth 1'...and the characters from the golden age and their counterparts would be in 'Earth 2' where the characters could age, marry, or do things not associated with their current counterparts.  The universes could meet for adventures and crossovers, which is also a plus for both comic book publishers and readers, and still make the golden era comic book characters live on in new readers.

Powergirl is Earth 2 version of Supergirl.  So essentially she is a super powered Kryptonian, but with a different attitude and a more revealing outfit.  From a fetish standpoint, she is a super powered hero with undertones of a dominatrix in her actions and attitudes to her counterparts as well as her foes.  Whereas Supergirl is the good girl of comics, Powergirl is more brash and confrontational with everyone.  Discounting the unconscious fetish aspect, her character is a take no prisoners and make no apologies female comic book hero.  Her popularity in cosplay circles reflects this..most Earth 2 characters do not resonate like her popularity, and she is a popular character at comic and trade shows.

I am pleased to share an interview with Gina G, who does cosplay as Powergirl along with other comic book heroes.  She isn't a spandex fetishist, but a seamstress who enjoys working with spandex.

Tell the world briefly about yourself.

I'm Gina G., and I'm a seamstress from Canada. I've been making costumes since 2002, and have been working with spandex since 2005, a fabric which I seem to have a particular skill with and fondness for. I love cosplaying more than anything, and my favourite superhero is most definitely Power Girl! I also speak Norwegian!

What brought into the world of cosplay?
 I stumbled into the cosplay scene by accident. When I was younger, I really wanted to start making my own Halloween costumes, since the stores never had what I wanted, so I learned how to make garments from my great aunt. When I was 15, a friend told me about a local anime convention, and I thought the idea of dressing up for an entire weekend was awesome, so I went. I haven't looked back since! In the last year I have really pushed my limits and made some wonderful contacts and friends in the cosplay community.

Any particular characters(Marvel, DC, anime, or others) you enjoy cosplay more than others? What about that character keeps bringing you back. Power Girl is definitely my favourite DC character to cosplay. Everything about her is me. She's a strong, confident woman, doesn't take anyone's crap, and is successful and goal oriented... and let's not start on the obvious physical "details".
As far as Marvel goes, I love my Snowbird costume. I'm fairly new to Alpha Flight, but I think the idea of a bunch of Canadian superheroes is great! When wearing the costume, I just feel really badass, and my white-out contact lenses get a lot of looks.
Both of these costumes were drafted almost entirely by me, so I'm really proud of them. Not to mention, they are probably two of my best works involving spandex.

If people want to know more about you, where would they go? You can find more of my work on my website and on my Facebook Fanpage!
Website -
Facebook Page -

Saturn Hero (more Ectovision madness)

While on the subject of parallel universes and characters, for Ectovision, I created Saturn Hero as a counterpoint to my movie character Major Power (shameless plug : Major Power and the Flying Saucer from Mars, Major Power and the Robot from Saturn both are available for DVD and VOD off of amazon and indieflix).  I guess if I were to compare the two...Saturn Hero is more pre Alan Moore Marvelman to Major Power as Captain Marvel.  I shot these clips with some flip type of cameras...mostly for fun than anything else, with my newborn daughter's toys as heroes and bad guys...I had a lot of fun having Saturn Hero fighting evil King Eric (named after my friend Eric Butts (director of girl/girl scene and executive producer of my film Zeppo), and actually put together a hand drawn comic book for it.  The 'King Eric' puppets came back for a crazy nightmare sequence in 'Saucer Sex Peep Show'.  I'm also working on new Saturn Hero clip with Matt Enstrom and Henry Humble, but that's down the road.
I put together the Flip camera clips together as one long clip on youtube...Is it highbrow art or will the movie change your life? No, but if you want something fun and silly to make you laugh...check out Saturn Hero (microbudget puppet theater).

spandex and monster is coming!

I will be focusing on some of my superhero films for ectovision, and the cosplay fetish world out there...check out the clip and the blog for spandex and monster...

'Spandex and monster movie and blogspot'

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wonder Woman against the Furry, and space undead at the park

Wonder Woman against the Furry creature

Oddly enough, I could write a book or two about the cosplay and fetishes that have sprung up about the character Wonder woman.  A brief synopsis will help underscore why this is...In 1940, educational consultant William Moulton Marston (aka Charles Moulton) wanted to create a female counterpart to the male comic book heroes.  He devised a unconventional woman hero who was as strong as her male counterparts but still had femine qualities.  Marston had an unconventional marriage with his wife and assistant, and his belief of a strong and liberated woman infused his work on Wonder woman.  The character was an amazonian princess brought back to do good for the world of men, and her weakness was that she lost her strength when her bracelets were bound together.  She had superstength, bulletproof bracets, and a magic lasso that compelled the person to tell the truth and obey commands. Martson also had pioneered the blood pressure test which led to the development of the lie detector(I did find it amusing to think that lie detectors all have a connection to the lasso of truth).  In those early issues of Wonder Woman, there is a undercurrent of domination and bondage themes..whether they were intentionally put in there or subconscious desires of Marston is anyone's guess.  After the death of Marston, writers have given Wonder woman many normal comic book adventures and she is now (deservedly) one of the original heroes from the golden era that still resonate today.

She has several adaptions (the show from the 70's starring Linda Carter being the most popular to the scrapped adaption by David Kelly being the most recent). I surprised to see an explosion of one clip from the Linda Carter show being the focus of several blogs, boards, and user created content.  In it an ape creature called Gargantua who is being manipulated into fighting Wonder woman.  Watching the clip in context, it's another comic book adventure for our amazonian princess where she again saves the day and thwarts the plans of the bad guys using Gargantua.  Taken out of context, this clip in a weird way showcases the underlying themes of Marston.

(Wonder Woman is property of DC comics)

There are more themes and contexts with Wonder woman, but that's for another blog...

Space Undead at the Park (more Ectovision madness)

The very first thing shot for Ectovision.  It was shot early Dec. 2008.  At this point, Ectovision was only going to be 20 minutes long, and I came up with a superhero script to be shot quickly on a saturday afternoon.  It was a simple script, and it was shot outside where the tempertature was in the single digits (yes, I was insane) is the first impression of 'Z ghost' hero and of the always horny  'Mayor of Metric city' (Keith Dodson)...Stacey Gillespie as 'Mr. Scratch' and Todd Burrows as horrified spectator and demonhead zombie along with Vesta Blanka as the ghoul gal.

The demonhead zombie noise is actually me yelling out off camera 'Todd come here!' that was slowed down in the editing...I liked it so became the noise for that creature.

It's still rough, but I thought it would be cool to share...enjoy!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

UFO crash in Kentucky (full movie on youtube)

Speculation about the rumored UFO crash that took place in Kentucky in the mid to late 60's. Unfortunately the evidence is almost nil, and the rumors are all we have to go on since most witnesses are scared to come forward about it (don't believe that most people are willing to come forward...UFO experiences still carry social stigmas). I try to piece together what I can, offer some speculation, and hopefully in the future this alleged event could have more people willing to come forward about the UFO crash in Kentucky.

I take UFO research pretty seriously, and even though most of my other films are bawdy comedies, this film is serious in content and manner, and I host it in a serious manner.

25 minutes color

The film is also available for download to own and rent on amazon instant video. Click here for the link.

Friday, December 2, 2011

King Neptune versus Megabicep

This is the first blog that focuses on superhero /superheroine films.  Recently, there has been an explosion of cosplay / spandex fetish sites and videos.  Since I'm a big comic book geek, and I love the old exploitation cinema vibe from the 50's on, this blog makes sense to promote some of the films I've been doing.  I will say my films are pretty mild and can play on youtube, etc...compared to the more crazier stuff out there.  I will showcase my films(several with ectovision alone), but I will also try to bring in other filmmakers, actors, actresses, and cosplay artists from this sometimes strange but facinating tangent in cinema and entertainment.


King Neptune versus Megabicep was a short in a film called 'Ectovision'...I guess if I were pitching it...Ectovision would be 'heavy metal' meets 'amazon women on the moon'...the Neptune short stars Cherokee Hall as the superhero 'Megabicep'...Casey Miracle as the sadistic 'King Neptune', and Heather 'Scream' Price as Miranda (Neptune's evil sister) with various folks in the ectovision film (Roni Jonah, Jason Crowe, Eric Butts, Todd Burrows, Keith Dodson, and Daniel Roberts).  It was shot late 2008-early 2009 at JLF studios in Lexington, KY at the time.

Since the budget was hardly there for 'ectovision', I decided to go the opposite way from other local and regional filmmakers around at the time,  I completely embraced the no budget/camp/trash cinema as art approach for all of the films of was all a live action cartoon at the end of the day...also I think the approach was fun for the actors and production side of things since making films can be a grueling task.

Ectovision turned into the 'saucer sex' films (Saucer Sex from Beyond, Flying Saucer Exodus, Saucer Sex Peep Show, and Saucer Sex Bomb) along with various other shorts, documentaries, and avant garde things, but that is another story....

Back to the short...the action take place in Metric City where my other comic book hero 'Major Power' sometimes does good deeds.  Yet these heroes and bad guys in this metric city are more crazier and dysfunctional in a fun way. There are more shorts from the world of Metric City coming soon...enjoy the crazy quasi cosplay antics in 'King Neptune versus Megabicep!' 12 minutes b&w.

more craziness on the way!

Ronald Reagan's UFO warning

President Ronald Reagan announced in UN speech that the powers of the world would unite if there was an alien invasion.  Some put it down to his love of science fiction augmenting a political speech, but others who know of both his experience with UFO's aren't so sure.  After all was said and done...was it a warning?

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