Monday, December 31, 2012

Roni Jonah, Skot Shaub, Testostero, and zombies

Roni Jonah and Zombies

Roni Jonah - girl/girl scene, the legacy, trurth or dare IV, the zombie movie

On this edition of Spandex and Monster, we focus on filmmaker/actress Roni Jonah's film, The Zombie Movie, which promises to be a crazy grindhouse affair which stays true to the old indie horror slogan 'The gore the merrier!'  It's in the process of getting completion funding of the film, so if folks are interested, please check out the link on the poster of the zombie movie below.

The zombie movie

Roni directing a shot on the zombie movie with producer/actor Jason Crowe

actor John Cory Stringer fighting off zombies

On a side note, I always felt like Roni was one of the few folks who ever 'got' my films, and I think the saucer sex films of mine were made by her direct encouragement of them.  I pretty much decided to toss out the rule book on those films, and Roni was one of my biggest supporters.  The films were always inspired by the process by me 'What would Roni Jonah think of this scene?' along with whatever madness I was going to film.  Here is the trailer for Saucer sex from beyond with Roni (as Anima), Jason Crowe as a reporter, and Claude Miles as a mad scientist.  Worth a look for the less timid.

muchas gracias Roni Jonah!

Testosteroso, Skot Shaub, and robosexual punk riffs

I had the pleasure of interviewing singer/songwriter Skot Shaub of the punk band Testostero.  As a band they pen some outrageous music, and have put together some interesting music videos and concept videos.  This shouldn't come as a surprise since Skot is very talented as an artist and well versed into the DIY ethic of real punk music.

So without further ado, here is Skot Shaub of Testostero.

Skot Shaub, photo by Mandy Miller

How would you describe what you do, both as an artist and as a band to the average guy on the street?
some of the cartoon/animation work by Skot Shaub

I would have to say I’m more of an entertainer than an artist. Most of what I do is pretty goofy so people don’t consider it art.

Testosteroso has some unique music videos and projects dealing with multimedia (animation, puppets) as well as unique look on stage shows...what do you want to accomplish for the audience?

Mostly to entertain them, but also to show people that you can do more than just a performance video. I miss the days when music videos were like short films. People use to put so much time and creative energy into music videos, but today they’re pretty boring. I like the idea of incorporating different styles into each video to give them a different feel. Each song has a different musical style, so we try to find the genre of film that best matches the style of song. As far as live shows go, we try to change up the songs as much as possible, and incorporate some theatrical element into the show. We know how boring it can be to see the same set over and over, so we try to mix it up.

promo pic for the four fathers album

Best show?
 We recently opened for the Misfits. It was probably the largest audience we have played in front of. It felt pretty good to share the stage with a national act and still hold our own.

Worst show?
We played a show in a small punk club to maybe 10 people who didn’t seem to really enjoy what we’re doing. The band that followed us made some remarks about how we spent more time spelling our bands name then actually playing songs. It was kind of a train wreck.

I heard talk of a movie, is that still on the books, and what challenges and rewards have sprung up
We were working on a musical a while back but it got put on hold for a while. It was the story of an aborted baby that comes back to life to kill his parents. Considering the props and special effects, we decided it would cost too much money to make it happen. Right now we are working on a music video for a song called “Chew-Toy” which should be out by the end of December. It’s a parody of 70’s grindhouse films. It is the most work we have ever put into a project. It took roughly 6 months to make. 2 versions of the video will be released, one that’s safe for YouTube, and an “X-Rated” version.

If someone wanted to know about you, where would they go? 

The best place to check out is our facebook ( we hope to have our website up and running by the end of December.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Astro Space Hero, series on youtube

Astro Space Hero, series on youtube

click on the picture for the link

Season one and two of 'Astro Space Hero' are on youtube for your pleasure.    بطل الفضاء الفلكية
المستقبل هو الآن!  Астрокосмического героя

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Melantha Blackthorne, Go Go Girls vsNazis, and surreal batman

Go Go Girls vs. the Nazis

Melantha Blackthorne as the evil Doctor Headie

Horror producer/actress Melantha Blackthorne and her company Robomonkey productions should be well familiar to fans of spandex and monster.  I'll be picking her brain about Robomonkey productions (Sinners and Saints, Order of One, and Countess Bathoria's Graveyard Picture Show) in a future spandex and monster.  When I was promoting my film Purvos, I was in a same magazine as Melantha when she came out with Sinners and Saints and I definitely dug what she and Robomonkey productions were going for in regards to indie film.

grindhouse promo for the new film

Her new film Russ Meyers inspired film, Go Go Girls vs. the Nazis, is in a crowd funding stage and with elements that would bring a Russ Meyers fan to tears along with an homage to Illsa of the SS films, Go Go Girls vs. the Nazis should be a grindhouse free for all!

Check out the teaser and funding page!  Hear Wayne Clingman's pitch for the film!

Alyas Batman En Robin (1993) 

Alyas Batman En Robin

With the release of the new Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, to DVD and blue ray, it's always fun to point out other variations of the Batman mythos world wide.  In this segment of Spandex and Monster, we turn to the Phillipines and their version of Batman, aka Alyas Batman En Robin.

Batman and Robin with Regal Films logo

This popular Phillipine film by director Tony Y. Reyes was a spoof of the Adam West run of Batman, starring comedian Joey de Leon as Batman, and his son Keempee as Robin.  In a self promoting touch, the symbol of Robin is replaced with the logo of the studio Regal Films.  Some surreal touches are Batman offering the ladies his 'Bat juice' and 'Bat milk' in between his fights with the crazy Joker (played with gusto by late comedian Rene Requiestas).

Joker as played by the late Rene Requiestas

A sequel for the popular film still hasn't appeared, but fans world wide are still clamoring for a sequel to this version of the Dark Knight.

Offering Batjuice and Batmilk to the ladies

Even the end credits are a surreal event...

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