Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Shane Ryan's Dacryphilia and Hematolagnia

Shane Ryan's Dacryphilia and Hematolagnia

Filmmaker Shane Ryan's Dacryphilia and Hematolagnia

French playwright, mystic, and madman Artaud argued 
theater should leave realism, and return to a new 
spectacle of ritual, magic, and the heart of man.  I 
recalled reading that watching filmmaker Shane Ryan's 
new cinema ritual of blood, spectacle, and magic called 
Dacryphilia and Hematolagnia.

It starts off with images of murder, blood, and a girl in 
the dying throes of trauma.  Shane does this silently, and 
lets the spectacle and imagery seep into your 
subconscious like the drifting nightmare.  
Blood and Gore are both trophies of horror and sensual 
mask of madness. A shirtless and ravaged nameless 
man is helpless before the eerie vicious attack from a 
woman with supernatural evil.

Chapter 2 entitled her death then goes to the woman 
walking in a forest of woe to a nameless fate.  I was 
blown away by the experience of his film. Definitely 
a must see for horror and cinema fans.  

Watching this reminded me of two things.  A young 
Clive Barker and his experimental film The Forbidden 
where you are in this immersive nightmare realm, 
and Kenneth Anger's magic ritual as cinema Rabbit 
Moon where the film itself is a ritual and a catharsis.

Clive Barker directing the Forbidden
Kenneth Anger's cinema as magic ritual Rabbit Moon

Shane's film Dacryphilia and Hematolagnia is definitely 
a journey you need to take.  Take a bite, taste the blood, 
and fly inward in the nameless forest.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Slenderman, Pinkie Pie and In the Mouth or Madness reality

Can your thoughts manifest into something real?  That's the premise of several horror films like in In the Mouth of Madness and chaos comic book writers like Grant Morrison, but what if I told you that there is some truth in that concept?  That is the concept of the Tulpa or a thought form that takes root in reality.  Essentially, your mind is devoted to 'creating' this imaginary companion and at some point this companion appears to exist completely independent in the real world at least to you.

 Your thoughts are energy, and given enough concentration and focus can affect the world about you.  The Tibetan concept of Tulpa is a thought form that comes alive after much energy has been given to it...this comes alive.  This has been seen in the odd creation of slenderman...originally a fictional creepy pasta character, but now there has been real accounts of the character being involved in real paranormal experiences and unfortunately a terrible real world murder case (girls who were inspired by the character to kill another).

There has been another involvement with the Brony my little pony scene where self styled 'Brony tulpamancers' use this involved process to create entities to reflect the cartoon show for these magicians.  Just how successful these magicians is anyone's guess, but a good scan of reddit and youtube show that at some of these attempts have been successful.

Pinkie Pie

In John Carpenter's Lovecraft homage film 'In The Mouth of Madness'...the concept is that thoughts create a nightmarish universe from the energy of the readers themselves.  If you take the concept of the Tulpa to the extreme next level...well why not?  That many people with that much focus, and reality itself may be as fluid as mercury.
In the mouth of madness reality is fluid.

Of course this is all fanciful speculation hopefully...reality is all well and good, but I fear one day when our collective minds focus upon some artistic creation or universe with laser like focus...we may all end up living up to the movie's tag line.... "Lived any good books lately?"

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Kevin Strange and Dead Shit

Kevin Strange

Two things pop in mind when you think of filmmaker/writer/actor/blogger Kevin Strange...one is that he is full of life and has strong opinions about well everything, and the other is that he is constantly working on a new project or incorporating an old project into some new.

Kevin is working on a comic book called Dead Shit where he writes and draws it, and it is based upon his multiverse of projects...think Marvel Comics with an edge and metal music by way of Burzum(well OK, I'm not sure if Kevin is a fan, but hey any chance I get to talk about Burzum I'll take).  One thing definitely comes through about Kevin Strange, and that he is a creative jack of all trades with a serious work ethic.

So with further ado, here is Kevin Strange!

Where did Dead Shit come from? 

Dead Shit by Kevin Strange
DEAD SHIT was the second film I wrote and directed way back in 2007. My first film DREAM REAPER was more of a proof of concept project. I wanted to see if I could actually shoot and edit my own film, put it on DVD, record commentaries and run it around to horror cons and film festivals. Once I knew I could, the wheels came off and I started to build my film universe the same way Troma or Marvel Comics (and later the MCU) had built theirs before me. DEAD SHIT was the beginning of that. I wanted to write a pair of dumb stoner characters like Jay and Silent Bob (but set in a wacky horror universe) to anchor Strangeville together from film to film. Even if they weren't in every movie, they were at least mentioned in dialogue. I originally intended to just throw DEAD SHIT up for free on the internet but ended up liking it so much I gave it its own DVD release. How did you go from the idea to making the comic? A decade plus passed between DEAD SHIT the movie and DEAD SHIT the comic book. I made lots more movies, then shifted my focus to writing weird novels and then in the end found my way to my original dream as an 8 year old little grubworm Kevin Strange: I wanted to draw my own damn comic book!

DEAD SHIT was a natural fit as my first comic project because the Hack movies fans (known as Hack Minions) already know and love Nixon and Hogan. My hope is to bridge the gap between my film fans and my comic fans (an area I largely failed at from movies to novels.)

You've worn many hats over many types of media...what keeps your fire going so to speak creatively? Yeah, I made my first short film in 2005. It's 2019 and I've since written books, run a small press publishing house, run a podcast network, done voice acting for audio books and most recently taught myself how to (crudely) draw comics. I'm a crazy person, man. I'm batshit insane and if I don't constantly throw myself at creative projects, I turn that crazy on myself and it ain't good. I'm a natural storyteller. It's my passion. I have many, many more stories inside my weird brain than I'll ever have time to tell, but I'm doing my best to get as many of them out before I keel over as I can! Part of what keeps this experience from getting stale is I'm always trying to teach myself new mediums with which to tell my bizarre stories. Comics is a great place to tell the weird and wild tales of Strangeville. I believe animating these comics into cartoons might also be in the books, God willing I get to live another decade to teach myself how. When you started into Bizarro..i was all excited to get into this when quickly the movement which you foretold the chaos that would happen...pretty much did happen...what set your alarms off saying 'uh oh’? Almost all online subcultures are destroyed from the inside by intersectional feminism and social justice. Leftism to the extreme does not create progress. It only destroys existing structures. And it plays out exactly the same way every time. So once I saw the feminists and the male-to-female trans activists take over Bizarro I knew it was only a matter of time before the subculture ate itself. 

Does that mean I hate women? Of course not. I love women. I celebrate women in all of my art and all of my life. Does that mean I hate trans people? Of course not. I've had trans people in my films and have written trans people into my novels since LONG before it was trendy and cool to virtue signal as an “ally” of social justice. It just means that I understand history and watched it repeat itself in an utterly predictable way. As you know Hack movies have a rabid fan base...what do think about your films, writings, podcasts having such staying power? It's awesome to hear you say that, man. These last few years have been rough. The culture war is raging. SJWs are constantly on my ass trying to find the next “gotcha” moment to ruin my career because I won't back down from the principals of free speech and free expression. Sometimes I lose the script and forget that I'm an artist out here building a gigantic weird universe that people love to watch and read. I think people love Hack Movies because we follow the John Waters rule of Good Bad Taste.

The flicks are kind-hearted, even though they're filthy and full of insane gross-out humor, gore and raunchy sex. They're meant to make you feel good, not bad. The comics have that spirit, too. If you're a true outcast, not like the trendy internet victim crap that gets peddled, but truly misunderstood by EVERYONE. If no trendy hashtag can define you. If you feel like you're misplaced in a world full of boring conformists (even the kind with tattoos and purple hair. ESPECIALLY those conformists), the Strangeville universe is for you. And I think people, the true fans, Strangeheads and Hack Minions understand that. Where can folks get your comic, films, books, and more? We're about to drop our first EVER crowd-funding campaign over on IndieGoGo for DEAD SHIT the comic book. That sucker runs from March 17th to April 17th 2019 and it's the ONLY place you can grab the first issue of DEAD SHIT! You can find the link to that, the link to buy all the Hack Movies DVDs and the links to buy all my novels over at www.Kevinthestrange.com! Thanks for having me on the blog, Jerry. And remember, STAY STRANGE!

Check out Kevin Strange's universe via his website!

Friday, March 8, 2019

Cryptid Adventures Comic # 1

Cryptid Adventures Comic # 1
Check out Matt Enstrom's (Chaos in Outer Space, Astro Space Hero) new comic book which combines UFO's with bigfoot, and other cryptids like the Loch Ness Monster (Nessie) and Mothman.
Matt made it as part of the 100 day comic book challenge.

Cryptid adventures #1 by Matt Enstrom

From the Ebay listing.

Cryptid Adventures issue 1 has two stories in it. the main story: When some creatures from Outer Space come to Earth with evil intentions Bigfoot steps in to take them on. The Loch Ness Monster shows up in the middle of it and gets involved. The second story is a 2 page short story of The Mothman vs the Flatwoods Monster. 

interior art by Matt Enstrom

This is a great comic for any comic fan and / or anyone who Likes Bigfoot and other cryptids. Comic is 16 pages long.

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